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Autodesk Inc. Office / Autodesk solutions Office Autodesk [official site] Category:Auto CADOn May 21, 2018, the Temple of the Red Hand, one of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi in modern Greece, was dedicated to the defense of humanity against malevolent spirit activity. The dedication included the laying of a eucalyptus sapling by the team who made it happen. The Temple is a primary teaching site for the channeling of the dolphin spirit. The sapling was to symbolize a new era of human civilization. The temple was also visited by the Distant Star visitors and volunteers on May 19 and May 20, and will be the site of a Spiritist shrine, shrine, and meditation center for spirit contacts. The ancient temple was dedicated in 2017 by visiting Distant Star teachers, as part of the site’s exploration of the ancient mysteries. The temple was originally discovered in 2015 by Distant Star volunteers, and was restored and rebuilt after severe damage from earthquakes. The sapling was dedicated in front of the altar. The Temple of Apollo is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Delphi, where teachers from all over the world visit each year. A reception and retreat center for our visitors will be built at the site this year, after the temple is in operation for two years. The first visit of Distant Star teachers at the site was in September 2015. The temple is located at the top of the mountain at the Delphi archaeological site, on the edge of the Saronic Gulf, in the “plateau of the owls,” about 5 miles west of the historical center of Delphi. It was built during the early 4th century BC. It is one of the most important sanctuaries in Ancient Greece. It is dedicated to the god Apollo. It was built on a sacred axis of Delphi, which connects the sanctuary of Athena, the spring of Poseidon, and the temple of Apollo. Its design follows the principles of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is constructed in typical Corinthian style. The Temple of Apollo can be accessed by car from the southern entrance of the archaeological site. The temple is in use for teaching, healing, and channeling the dolphin spirit. The site is visited each year by teachers and volunteers from all over the world. There are many volunteers who come to the site each year and who stay for ac619d1d87

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